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  Suwanee Pharmacy: Your Home For Your Healthcare Needs

Welcome to Suwanee Pharmacy! We know that you have many options when you're looking for a pharmacy to fill your medication, and we're glad you're considering us. We're proud to create a safe, welcoming environment for meeting all of your healthcare needs.


As an independent pharmacy, we get to make our own procedures and decisions on customer protocol. Everything we do keeps our customers' best interests in mind. We're constantly working to make the process of getting what you need to take care of your health as easy as possible.


While we opened in 2019, the concept of our independent pharmacy has been in the works for over a decade. Created by a board-certified geriatric pharmacist, it's our goal to provide easy access to both prescription and over the counter medications. We also provide at-home medical equipment, making it easy for you to get the care you need in the comfort of your own home. While we're happy to work with people of all ages, we're especially proud to give our area's geriatric population the help they need.


We know how important it is to be able to talk with your pharmacist privately. At some pharmacies, your only option to talk with your pharmacist is at the counter as you get your prescription filled. As we developed Suwanee Pharmacy, we felt that this model did not give our customers the privacy they deserved. To remedy the problem, we created a private meeting room where you can talk to your pharmacist with candor.


We're glad that you're considering giving our independent pharmacy a try, and we look forward to working with you. Stop in or give us a call to learn how we can meet your healthcare needs.

Reasons You Should Choose an Independent Pharmacy

1. Services designed for YOUR community 

Whether you live in a large urban area or a small, rural area, you know that your needs are unique. Rather than offering the services and products some faraway corporate office dictates, locally owned independent pharmacies are free to offer what meets their community’s needs.

2. A pharmacist who knows your name

Why do pharmacists choose to be independent? Because customer service is important to them. Independent pharmacists want to be free to spend time to get to know their customers. Being an independent pharmacist gives them the freedom to serve their community and their patients, without being required to fit parameters and meet sales quotas. They are neighbors, friends, even family. Which explains why independent pharmacies have been at the top of the list for customer satisfaction as ranked by J.D. Power in each of the last five years (1) Because in this digital age, when it comes to your health, the personal touch matters.

3. Working for your community — because it’s theirs, too

Choosing your local independent pharmacy is supporting a locally owned small business, and that, in turn, helps your community. And like many small business owners, independent pharmacies are known for giving back, from offering education classes, to sponsoring their local Little League team, to donating to local charities.

4. Working to keep your healthcare affordable

It is easy to assume that chains offer better pricing based on volume, but research shows independents again come out on top (2) In fact, Consumer Reports sent secret shoppers to 150 different pharmacies to compare the pricing on five common prescriptions. From the independent pharmacies, the total cost averaged $107 for all five medications. Compare that to the three largest chains, who offered the same medications at a range of $752 to as high as $928 (3) And did you know that an independent pharmacist is more than twice as likely to suggest a less expensive prescription option (4) and will even reach out to your physician to discuss the alternative If you are looking for maximum savings on your prescriptions, talk to your local independent pharmacist.

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