Compounding Pharmacy 


Allergic to dye?  Dietary restrictions?

Need a specialized medication?

Compounding Hormone Replacement Therapy

Fully licensed pharmacists and technicians will work with your physician and insurance company to create a unique formulation, to ensure you receive the BEST medication in the RIGHT form to meet your specific needs.

Most Common Compounded Medications​​

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy 

    • Testosterone

    • Progesterone

    • DHEA

    • Estrogen

    • Thyroid

  • Pain Management

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Pediatrics  

  • Other medications not commercially available​

*All eligible ORAL compounds are flavored for FREE*

Most Common Forms

  • Topicals (Cream or Ointment)

  • Capsules

  • Troches (Lozenge)

  • Liquids (Suspensions, Liquids, Syrups)


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