Drive Thru-Window

In a rush? Have a sick child? Trouble getting out of the car?

A convenient Drive Thru Window means you do not leave the comfort of your car to drop off or pick up your prescriptions or over the counter products. The window has an over-sized draw to accommodate large items. Learn more about the benefits

Home Delivery

Transportation issues? Cannot get to the pharmacy? 

Ask about our home delivery program where your medications are scheduled to be delivered straight to you door. Learn more about the benefits

Refill Reminder

Running out of medications and not sure when your prescription can be refilled?

Receive a refill reminder the way you prefer, text message to your mobile phone, email or a call from a staff member (no automated system or robotic calls from unknown numbers). No refills for your chronic medications, DO NOT worry our friendly staff will proactively contact the prescriber on your behalf to get a new prescription. Learn more


Medication Synchronization

Are you on several chronic medications?

Do you make multiple trips to the pharmacy every month?

Medication Synchronization aka MedSync gives you the opportunity to have your chronic medications filled on the same day every month. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you, your physician and insurance company to sync your medications on a day that is convenient for you. Avoid multiple trips

to the pharmacy and have better medication and financial management. Learn more

Bubble Packaging

Did you miss a dose? Do you know how many pills you have remaining?

Single dose packaging allows better management of your medications. Each medication is packaged individually in a numbered blister pack and labeled appropriately.

Easy Open Prescription Vials

 Do you struggle to open prescription vials? 


Our standard medication vials come with child resistance caps however these multi use caps can be reversed to allow easy access to your medications. One side is Palm and Turn Child Resistant or Flip the cap over and screw it into the top of the vial for easy open (non child resistant but Senior Friendly). No more struggle to get to your medications with these Easy Open Caps. 


Specialized Medications (Topicals, Capsules, Liquids)

 Allergic to dye?  Dietary restrictions?

Need a specialized medication?


Fully licensed pharmacists and technicians will work with your physician and insurance company to create a unique formulation of capsules, liquids (suspensions, solutions, syrups) or topicals (creams and ointments). All to ensure you receive the BEST medication in the right form to meet your needs.

Veterinary Compounding

 Is your pet taking medications or require a unique formula?


When it comes to your pets, they deserve the best pharmaceutical care. A licensed pharmacist will compound your pets medications to the highest pharmaceutical standards.  Ask about our pet flavoring!

Learn more about Veterinary Compounding

Medication Flavoring

Does the over the counter cough syrup taste horrible?  

Do your kids hate the taste of  liquid antibiotics? 

Suwanee Pharmacy can add flavoring to most prescription and Over the Counter liquids (syrups, suspensions and solutions). What flavor will you choose???


Discounted Medications

No insurance? Lapse in coverage? Medication not covered?


Through this one of a kind program you will receive medications at a discounted cash price on several brand and generic medications. Medication prices using the SP Prescription Savings Club are competitive and comparable to most chain retail pharmacies. Let us help you get access to the medications you need at a reasonable price. Learn more about our Rx Savings Club




What service best meets your needs? Want to feel appreciated? 


The best compliment you can provide is to refer your pharmacy to a friend, neighbor or family member and to show our appreciation Suwanee Pharmacy will give you discounts on eligible items or services. The more you shop or refer some one to the pharmacy the more rewards you gain.

Thank You for being the BEST part of Suwanee Pharmacy!!!


Every Day Items

Have a cough? Need diabetic supplies or hard to find items?

We carry a wide selection of brand and private label supplements and over the counter products. 

Diabetic Supplies - Analgesics - Cough Suppressants - Vitamins/Supplements

 Smoking Cessation - Ointments/Cream - Canes - Wheelchairs - Commodes

Durable Medical Supplies - Adult Diapers - Compression Stockings

If you need something and we do not have it let us know...We will do our best to find it for you. 



Glucose and Blood Pressure

Do you need assistance monitoring your blood pressure or glucose?


Suwanee Pharmacy is dedicated to helping you achieve your clinical goals, we will collaborate with you, your caretaker and physician to monitor and record your blood pressure and glucose levels. If we identify any abnormal values we can notify your physician.


Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Taking several prescription and over the counter medications? 

Do you know if you are receiving the best medication at the best cost?

Managing several medications may be challenging, Suwanee Pharmacy has a dedicated consultation room that offers maximum privacy to meet with a pharmacist to review your medications and supplements. A pharmacist will review all of your medications to ensure you receive the most appropriate and cost-effective medication therapy.



Senior Living Facilities

Do you reside in a Senior Community or Independent or Assisted living facility?


You have worked your entire life and now reside in a location that best suites your needs. Let us simplify your life, you may qualify for the majority of our services....Give us a call, we will love to stop by and speak with you and your neighbors about the services we can offer.

Adult Care Homes/IDD Residences

Do you provide care to individuals in a residential facility?

Suwanee Pharmacy offers several services to alleviate the stresses of the traditional pharmacy process for your residents and staff...Give us a call to discuss how we can partner together.

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