Drive Thru or Home Delivery

  Sick Kiddo? Choose A Drive Thru Pharmacy


The coughing, the sneezing, the fever - being sick is horrible, but it's even worse when it's your kid who comes down with a bug. As a caring mom or dad, all you want to do is help your little one feel better. Getting them out of the car and into the pharmacy can be a chore, especially if they're toddler age or younger.


At Suwanee Pharmacy, we offer convenient options to help you get the medication you need without having to come into the pharmacy. If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to use our convenient drive thru option. There's no need to get out of the car, and we'll fill your medication while you wait. This option is great both for filling new prescriptions and for picking up refills.


If getting out of the house isn't an option, or you'd simply rather not run the risk of getting others sick, please don't hesitate to use our home delivery service. We're happy to bring your medications to your doorstep, along with any other healthcare items you need from the pharmacy. We care about helping you get well, and we understand that leaving the house can be nearly impossible when you're under the weather.


At Suwanee Pharmacy, it's important to us that we help you get well in the most convenient way for you and your family. Whether that means using the drive thru, using our prescription refill reminders or utilizing our home delivery option, let us help you get the medicine you need as quickly and easily as possible.

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